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BartonG 11-04-2019 02:07 AM

Never plugged in
Iím looking at buying a 2014 Volt with 67K miles on it. Itís lifetime gas mileage is 54 and change. Iíve been reading the forums and was expecting something closer to 200. A friend who owns a body shop said he sees this from time to time, that someone bought it just for the HOV sticker.

So my question isówhatís the impact to battery and drivetrain lifespan? Anyone know anything about the impact of that use profile?


Greyce 04-26-2020 12:46 PM

If you want to buy a used car, then you need to know more about the history of the car. I know that in order not to get into scam you need to find out about all the owners of the car and whether there are any accidents in the history of the car for which you will need to pay.

Bassel 04-26-2020 01:23 PM

I know that buying a used car is cheaper than buying the car at a car dealership, but you need to check not only the technical characteristics of the car, you also need to be sure that this car isn't listed as being stolen and that it wasn't decommissioned due to an accident . You can check this with the help of special services that will give you all the exact information about the car. I used this service in Australia. Why did I choose this service? Firstly, this checker has a good reputation, secondly it's inexpensive, thirdly I don't need to install additional software or register in any program. I checked the car in a few minutes and received SMS with the information I needed on my smartphone when I inspected the car. This is convenient and helps to avoid many problems associated with buying a used car.

gtls1 05-15-2020 01:32 AM

It is actually an indication that the car is mostly operated in hybrid mode. That is a good thing for the main traction battery which indicates that it didn't get much cycling. However, it means the engine got a much more work load during this time.

Battery will age even if it isn't used much. So, there is still wear and tear on the battery even if it is less used.

Either way, the powertrain should easily last to 150K miles without any issues. The big question is that did the original owner properly maintain the engine by changing oil at least once every year.

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