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joynguyen97 03-13-2019 05:30 AM

Do you know all of the Keno Glossary? (part 1)


Aggregate Limit: 188bet casino casinos have limit on payoffs for Keno games, and when that limit has been reached it is called an ‘aggregate limit’. This limit varies depending on the casino.

All or Nothing: this is a type of Keno ticket in which only two types of payouts are possible: if you catch all the numbers that you have marked, or if you catch none of them. There is no other way around, either you have to catch them all or none.


Bet: in Keno the bet is the money that you wager for each draw in online Keno, or simply the money that you give for the Keno ticket(s). These amounts of money can vary depending on the casino. The lowest bet that you can make at most casinos is 25 cents.

Blank: a Keno ticket that still hasn’t been played, which means it still hasn’t been marked.

Blower: when Keno balls were used in the past, they were mixed in a plastic bubble shaped container and when a number needed to be drawn it was simply blown through the plastic tube.


Call: in land-based casinos where Keno is played, a person that acts something like a host of the game announces the numbers that have been drawn by the machine or the computer. The calling of these numbers is referred to as a call.

Caller: the caller is the person that calls the numbers drawn. Some Keno games don’t use callers, as in the case of electronic Keno and online Keno games.

Catch: this word is used in Keno to indicate that you have marked the number that has been drawn on your ticket, thus you have made a ‘catch’.

Catch-All: this is a variation of Keno where in order to win you have to catch all the numbers that you have marked on your ticket.

Catch-Zero: this is another variation of Keno, and is the opposite of Catch-All. Here, instead of catching all the numbers that you have previously marked on your Keno ticket, the goal is not to catch them.

Combination Ticket: in Keno you can make up a ticket consisted of more than one wagers. That kind of a ticket is called a ‘combination ticket’.


Draw: a draw is simply the act when the balls are mixed play baccarat online for real money (in the case of a mechanical or manual drawing device) after which up to 20 random numbers are selected. In electronic Keno, the mixing part is skipped and the computer simply draws the numbers one at a time.

Deuce: this word is part of the Keno slang terminology. It is used to describe betting on two numbers that are grouped together.


Edge Ticket: an edge ticket is a ticket in which the player has marked all the numbers on the outer edges, thus betting that they will be the ones drawn by the computer.

Enhanced Payoff: this is when a payoff has been triggered for a combination ticket, and instead of paying out each combination separately, the entire ticket is paid as an enhanced payoff.

Exacta: this is the name used for a Keno ticket that has a special payout compared to other tickets. With an Exacta Keno ticket you can play two games in a row.


Fractional Rate Ticket: if you want to play for a smaller amount of the original price of the ticket, the casino will offer you a Fractional Rate Ticket for which you pay only a fraction of the standard amount.

Free Play: this word can refer to two things: a Keno game where the only payoff is an additional Keno game that you can play for free, or in the case of online casinos when a Keno game is put up for practice play where you use fun money.


Group: a group in Keno is a collection of multiple spots on how to sign up at w88 the Keno ticket that have been marked.

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