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gtls1 07-17-2012 12:16 AM

Chevy Volt Portable EVSE Input Power Spec?
I have couple questions regarding the portable EVSE that comes with the Volt.

1. What are the input power spec for the EVSE? At what power level or noise level does the EVSE reset itself or shut the power down to the car? I have a 2012 Volt and I have been trying to charge at work. I am lucky that work place offers free charging. But I have been having problems charging since my EVSE resets itself frequently. The charging posts are located under a 1 MW solar panel installation. The power is directly tapped off the transformer (after the inverters) of the solar panels. The EVSE will have its "A" error code flashing and the car will stop charging and after few seconds, it will reset itself. The manual says that flashing A means "bad power". But I used a multi-meter to measure it and the voltage is steady at 117V RMS. Now, we have a second Volt (White one) at work. That owner is having the same issue. The two Toyota Prius Plug-ins sometimes have similar issue but not as often. Finally, I took an oscilloscope to the charging post and monitored the waveform for a while. I noticed a "modulation" noise that comes and go on the 60HZ waveform. Sometimes, the noise can be as high as 35 V Peak to Peak. (The 60HZ power waveform is about 375 V peak to peak). Is that outside the Volt EVSE input power spec?

2. If so, can I get that limit adjusted? Also, will the frequent resetting cause any damage to the onboard Volt charger? On a really hot day, I can hear the onboard cooling system kicking on and off frequency when the power resets. I can also hear the solenoid reseting in the EVSE.

3. I am thinking about installing solar panels at home. Now, with this issue I am kind of worried...

The pic attached is the result of the measurement on the power line with 10:1 scope lead.

KEN SCHEETZ 07-17-2012 02:36 PM

I sure hope you get a come back on your solar plug-in, i just put in a $7,000.00 solar system in my shop and i am scare to use it on my 2012 volt. Now i have too much power in shop

jorenste 07-23-2014 09:15 PM

Solar Charging Problems
I am interested in EVs & solar PV so would like to know more about any problems people have had with charging from Solar PV generated power:

1) I don't see the original pic from gtls1; could you please re-post it?

2) What model inverters were causing gtls1's problems?

3) Did anyone find any answers?


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