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crixussteave 10-08-2014 06:10 PM

What is your gasoline MPG for your Volt?
I know that a lot of forum members pride themselfs with how many FMM's and EMM's they have due to near zero gasoline usage, but some of us do have to use the gas engine occasionally. Reviewing my stats, I ride on electrons about 43% of the time and gas the rest. My average MPG if 60. But what is my MPG on gas. One could work it out from the stats on OnStar, but that would be inaccurate, as some of the miles credited to electricity should really be credited to gasoline. For instance, if you used gas to climb a hill, the free ride down hill that recharged your battery and all of the subsequent miles on that battery charge should be credited to the gas engine.

Yesterday, i drove to LA, crossing the Grapevine (a 4000+ ft hill) in both directions. I started from home in MM, and when the ICE finally started, I cleared the "B" odometer and noted my position. I was at the CA 166 exit on I-5. Mileage heading towards LA was miserable (I-5 is a slight uphill all the way to the foot of the Grapevine) and I was doing about 26 MPG. It got worse as I climbed the hill, but reached the mid 30's on the horizontal stretch (it is actually slightly downhill). After going downhill into the Valley, my mileage was about 39 and that was maintained into LA. The return trip must have been slightly uphill as mileage dropped to the mid 30's again. On the final stretch, I gained a lot on the downhill slope back into the Central Valley, and my total mileage was 36.2 for the 206 mile trek. I still had some spare juice in the battery when I turned MM off and continued to home.

I was doing 70-75 mph the entire freeway portion of the trip, including the uphill climbs and this is probably why the mileage is so low. I know that I was getting about 44 mpg on a level stretch of I-210 a few weeks back. Has anyone in the midWest measured their gas mpg over long streches of level freeway?

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