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Originally Posted by Jay Hill View Post
Hey everybody, we are new Volt owners and love the car so far but I am concerned that something might be wrong. We have had the car since Friday and we have charged it fully three times and it only shows a mileage range of 22 miles on a full charge. We were sold on the fact that it would be much this due to the weather here in NC. It has been around 20 to 30 degrees since we bought the car. HELP!!
Don't panic. What you are seeing is completely normal. The heating system on the Volt can use a lot of power to keep you warm. There are ways to minimize the hit on the battery range though.
Pre-condition the car while still plugged in about 20 minutes before you drive. This will warm the cabin for 10 minutes using mostly grid power then recharge any lost battery charge before you drive. Then when you start driving turn off the climate control until you feel the chill then switch on Auto/Eco.
Eco will use about half as much power as Comfort mode. Right after I got my Volt I kept it on Auto/Eco all the time and did not pre-condition and my range dropped down to less than 25 miles. Now I pre-condition in my garage before leaving for work, I can drive all the way, (11 miles), without the heat turned on. Then I pre-condition before leaving work, (this time not plugged in), and I can get about half way home before having to turn on Comfort mode. I usually get home now with 5-10 miles of range remaining. My full charge range is now 35-38 miles. I'm in Tennessee and have about the same temps that you do.
When spring finally comes back your range estimate will go back up. I recently made a trip on a 70 degree day of 46 miles, all on battery, even though when I started the trip the range display said 33 miles.
Check out GM-Volt dot com. That is where most Volt owners go for answers. It is a much more active forum.

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