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Originally Posted by SilverVolt View Post
My wife and I have been keeping an eye on the Volt since it came out. We've test driven three times. I like the way it drives and I really think Chevrolet has refined this car. Other than a few annoying design flaws we think we could seriously get into one. Today we took it for a long test drive here in Washington.

The first thing we noticed was the heat would not stay on, the car kept shutting the heat off, also the defrost doesn't work for squat. I mentioned the heat shutting off to the salesperson and they said it was normal and that the car would shut it off to conserve energy. I don't know about anyone else but when it's 38 degrees outside I want the inside cabin temp to maintain at least at 68 degrees.

Is this truly normal? The engine was running and the car seemed to be running normal.

Also does the defrost really suck that much? I hate driving a car with fogged up windows, even my race car can keep the windows from fogging up and it doesn't even have an evaporator!
First, let me say, don't ask the salesman anything about the car. Sadly, most don't have a clue about the Volt. Go over to gm-volt dot com, that is where most Volt owners gather and talk about their ride. If you want to find out about the Volt you will have better luck searching it out on your own.

As for the heat, what was the temperature set to? Your test drive car probably had the climate system set to ECO which is a "weak" heater but it does the job most of the time. There is also a "Comfort" setting that works as good as any other car but it uses about twice the power of eco mode and will affect the EV range.

Now the defroster, I have not had any complaints about mine. The "auto defog" has occasionally gotten behind in keeping the windshield clear but I just touch the manual control and it has always cleared the windshield quickly.

Hope you get your own soon. I have had mine about 3.5 months and after 2900 miles I have only used 2.5 gallons of gas. This is FUN.

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