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Volt showing just over 13kwh

I'm in the market to buy a volt. There is a 2012 volt for sale in my area for cheap. It has 228k miles on it (remember it's for cheap). I asked about the battery life and he sent me an app he has showing the HV battery has just over 13kwh left on it. I know this first generation has 16kwh brand new so that seems like a significant drop. Does anyone else on her have a similar kwh reading in their volt and if so any sign of it going bad soon? I would love to be a volt owner and have always wanted one, I have an opportunity where I can afford an older high mileage one and am willing to take the risk on the battery. Just want to know if 13kwh is the end of the road for it or if it may still have some life left to it. Thanks in advance!
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