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Yes you can. Make sure you buy a heavy duty plug and tight down the wires into the new plug. Also, I would highly recommend a heavy duty or industrial wall outlet for this purpose.

The issue is heat generated at the contact surface. That is where corrosion and oxidation can happen. With charging on 120V that last easily 12 hours, the heat will build up and transfer most of that heat to the plug and wall outlet (copper is a good conductor right?). So, it is important to check the plug blades for surface corrosion and make sure you have a heavy duty or industrial grade outlet that reduces the chance of heat build up. Those heavy duty receptacles often have better grade metal and less likely to corrode.

Personally, I highly recommend installing an EVSE that is 240V which charges faster and safer to use than the "portable" (aka temporary) EVSE that comes with the car.
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