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Gary Dennis
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Volt Charger

Recently, my charger stopped charging and I found that the outlet it was plugged into (110 volt) and the plug from the charger sort of welded together. The outlet was charred and one of the charger prongs had what looked like melting damage. I had a knowledgeable guy come out and replace the wall outlet and then I started up the charger again. It has worked ok for a few weeks, but today it again welded together and charred the outlet. Plus this time the one of the prongs on the charger stayed in the wall outlet. I definitely believe the issue is with the charger, not the wall outlet. Does anyone know if it is possible to just put a new plug head on the charger rather than buy a new charger? And is this something an electrician can do? Chargers go for around $500.00. (Meantime, I'm having to run an extension from my freezer in the garage into the house, and wifey is going nuts.) Help please and thanks.
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