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Originally Posted by dye46 View Post
My 2014 Volt is starting to have problems charging off of an outlet that has worked just fine for over 2 years (and now, really do not have access to another outdoor outlet.

Now, starting to get this failure more often than not, especially when the car requests 12 amps.

Bottom red LEDs blinking steadily.

Top green LEDs blinking a sequence: 3 rightmost LEDS blink at the same time, followed by 2 blinks of the first rightmost LED. Brief pause, then repeats.

View: I am a new user, cannot post the youtube link. However, you can go to the youtube site and tack this at the end of the URL: watch?v=068PyRQvbt0

As an engineer, I see the green LEDs blinking to be trying to say error code.

The code could be interpreted simply as 3 - 1 - 1.

A computer geek like me would say the LEDs are binary digits, represented as decimal 7 - 1 - 1.

Has anyone else seen anything like this, or have access to documentation that says what the green LED sequence means?

This last time I had to do multiple unplug/replug sequences to get charging again.


PS yeah the bungee holding the charger up could use replacing, I know...
You may want to post your question on There seems to be a larger crowd there! Michael

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