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Originally Posted by mrfredsporty View Post
i love the bolt and have a volt. the hurricane drove me out of daytona and i was forced to seek refuge in nashville for a week. if i had had a bolt it would have taken forever to get to nashville. the volt allowed me to just drive on up getting gas as needed. i do have to admit that the small gas tank was a pain, especially on the way back in the huge traffic jams and lack of gas stations.this is the one time when a Prius with its much larger range would have been more convenient. i did manage to get back down here with minimum trouble. it did get me thinking of the limitations (so far) of pure electric vehicles including tesla and the bolt in an extreme weather emergency.
I agree there many journeys a tesla can't easily get you to. Regarding your hurricane exit and return, the tank may be small but there are gas cans for that type of situation.
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