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Originally Posted by rand49er View Post
Recently released price of $490 (not to mention installation) has me wondering what it does besides having the right shape connector. Obviously the "charging system" is not onboard the vehicle as it comes off the assembly line.

So, does it have a timer? Does it shut off the flow of current (i.e. charging) when the lithium-ion battery pack is fully charged? I mean, just how sophisticated can this thing be to command nearly five bills?
It's basically a 240v charger for any EV equipped with a SAE J1772 charge port. Even though its a Chevy product it can still charge other EV's as long as it has the proper port. The biggest benefit to having it is being able to fully charge the volts battery in about 4 hours compared to 10 hours for the standard 110v charger it comes with.
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