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2000 Mile Road Trip

We leased our Volt in May and put about 2200 miles on it mostly around town and to and from work. Up until our road trip we've used 7 gallons of gas.

Since we didn't expect to have any charging available we left the cord at home and took off on a 2000 mile round trip for my nephews wedding. Right off the bat we started out on Battery until it was down to 18 miles left then realized that wasn't a good idea so we switched over to Hold. We weren't sure if a week of discharged battery was good (or bad) so we were try to figure out how to get some charge back into it. We got into some hilly country so every time we would come to the top of a hill we would switch back to Normal and ReGen the Battery then back to Hold at the bottom of the hill. We managed to get the Battery back to 35 miles by the time we got to our destination. This got me thinking that a ReGen-Charge feature would be good for extended trips so as to keep the Battery as a reserve range. On the trip back I studied the manual a little more and it said to put it in Mountain mode for about 20 minutes prior to needing the extra power so we put it in Mountain and voila' the engine starts and we charged from 10 miles to 35 miles (Battery range) over the last 40 miles to the house. We didn't get our usual 43 mile top charge because we were home before it fully charged (not sure if it does fully charge under these circumstances). On another note when we finished charging it the next morning our Battery indicated 54 miles range available. Not sure if that will be our new "norm" but hope so.

We averaged 40.6 MPG on the trip out (first 1000 miles) and 37.3 for the entire trip. Our environment temps ranged from 85 to 32 and the car warmed up quickly but we did have a little learning curve with the defrost. We had to keep it in the Auto mode or the interior windows would start fogging. The defrost mode worked fine but when we would switch to the combined defrost/foot mode the fogging would start back.

All in all we love this car and will get another as soon as this lease expires.
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