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Odd Situation

Hi, everyone - new member here, and prospective new Volt owner. I've been intrigued by the Volt since it was introduced but never really did any research on it until now. I recently discovered what seems to be a great deal on a "new" 2012 Volt. It's for sale by a local dealer and is deeply discounted. Dealer says it's never been sold or registered to an owner and is still on the manufacturer statement of origin (MSO), so it qualifies for the federal tax credit. The thing that seems odd to me is that the warranty was started in 2011, so two years of the warranty have been burned off. The car has about 3400 miles on it. Dealer says that GM "instructed" them to allocate one Volt in their inventory for use in getting them on the street for visibility. So, it's been driven around town by the dealer's staff. Just seems odd that a car could be sold as "new" under an MSO, yet not have full warranty. I question whether it really does qualify for the federal tax credit, which is a deal breaker if it doesn't. Has anyone else run across this? Any thoughts would be welcomed.
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